What is BiplaneCMS

BiplaneCMS is a content management system based on experience over 13 years of planning, developing, testing and planning again (and so on) all family of free, Open Source software CMS-type I created since 2005. And based n hundreds of thousands of posts on the forum and discusses face to face. So we have some background...

We had about two thousand installations, working websites to verify, test and conclude. 

The most important part of BiplaneCMS is to be extremally easy to implement (for developers) and use (for redactors, editors, users). So you can take ANY frontend and change it into CMS in minutes by connecting it to Biplane's Pilot.

It is really easy. Try it for free. The basic version is "free forever" type of solution.

Download beta

This is beta time - all is free for now - enjoy! You can find exact dates in your copy of BiplaneCMS.

Take it!
Connect to ANYTHING

BiplaneCMS is extremely easy to implement. You can connect it to any front-end you have. In a few super easy steps. See details in our docs.

Check it!