Expanding plans

BiplaneCMS will grow adequately to your needs. We have not-finished list and waiting for hear from you! What we are planning now you can read below:

  1. Division panel into two - version for admin and version for user/redactor. A basic user doesn't need access to program's config, managing options or sitemap for example. And it is better sometimes if he or she doesn't such access. And more convenient. User Experience is better.
  2. More functions. Of course download module like here, forum module, FAQ, Docs - just like here on this website.
  3. Registering users. You can do it now but this is not a solution for bigger sites, where plenty of people can register and gain access to a forum, closed part of pages or news and so on. Biplane will have all package of functions to manage users flow.
  4. Your needs... share with us on forums wish list.
Version 1.00 is ready

And it is still free, download now and enjoy! Beta is no longer supported.

Take it!
Connect to ANYTHING

BiplaneCMS is extremely easy to implement. You can connect it to any front-end you have. In a few super easy steps. See details in our docs.

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