What you can have - BP's modules

To manage modules/functions of your BiplaneCMS go to the "modules" section in your pilot panel. We use PHP notation:
<?php something; ?> 

BI_Page shows every page of your site, you can determine if you want to use tags or not by choosing yes/no in Show tags button.

BI_Menu shows menu, all your pages in right structure. You can have a header or not. If yes - put it on header input.

BI_MenuTop gives you an additional menu which contains only pages you indicate. Enter the page identifiers you want to have in this menu, separated by commas

BI_SearchForm print search form. You can determine if you want to allow to search on pages and/or on news.

BI_NewsList print news on ANY place of your site. You can determine if you want to show lead (yes/no), if you want to allow to click the news to see it all (yes/no), how many news you want to show in this place and after how many characters it should be cut to fit in the place.

BI_NewsId is a similar solution but gives you the opportunity to public one given news with or without a lead (yes/no), clickable (yes/no), cut (number of characters) and which one (id).

Additionally, you have BI_PageMeta which prints meta-tags for your site, BI_BreadCrumbs for bread crumbs navigation, and BI_Counter - put it on the end to have all your pages and news visits counted.